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Silverloy Hygienic Mask Introduction
The hygienic mask applied Silverloy's physical ag antibacterial technology, it contains 4 layers of cloth, covering the second layer is Silverloy physical ag antibacterial non-woven cloth, plus a blocking layer which can prevent the bacteria from entering the body, while resisting bacteria breed on the mask. The mask is PM 2.5 standard which block dusts, germs and particles.  


  • 1st Layer : Anti-adhesive layer - waterproof & block droplets

  • 2nd Layer:High efficiency filter with PM 2.5 standard to block dusts, germs and particles

  • 3rd layer : Silverloy physical ag anti-bacterial layer to prevent bacteria from entering the body 

  • 4th layer : Skin-friendly surface with breathable material 

  • Good air permeability, comfortable and long lasting with soft material
    UPGRADED VERSION】Passed the testing by SGS which BFE>99% PFE>99% and passed fluid resistance test 80mmhg. The mask also have the CE accreditation.