Products developed with our partners 

Apart from the Silverloy’s products, we have also incorporated with other business partners to develop more products by using silver micron anti-bacterial technology. We cooperated with suppliers and retailers from different industries, including: industrial, fashion, cosmetic, medical, living technology, etc. If you are passionate in developing anti-bacterial products, or interested in utilizing silver micron technology, please contact us for more details.

Maskolor 終極抗菌口罩

三層專利科技結構 高效阻隔99.9%細菌


第一層: 防飛沫面層,採用銀離子植入技術,有效阻止細菌繁殖,破壞病毒的蛋白結構,令細菌於口罩表層直接被撲滅

第二層: 纖維過濾核心有效阻隔小於PM1微細塵粒及細菌

第三層: 專利銀微子嵌入式技術,形成強大引力牆,將附近細菌/病毒及其存活機能破壞,使其迅速凋亡

SMP Clothing Materials

By implanting silver micron anti-bacterial technology in the textile yarn, it turns the textile yarn resistance to bacteria and deodorization. This anti-bacterial textile yarn is very suitable in making ​sport wear or tight shirt. The result from laboratory test has shown anti-bacterial rate is 99.9%. 

SMP Sanitary Pads

Application of the Silver Micron Anti-bacterial layer into the sanitary pad, can effectively restrain the breeding of bacteria on the sanitary pad, and adopt high permeability, strong water absorption layer and soft bottom surface, it cares for women’s health, reduce inflammation and provide thoughtful protection for women. The anti-bacterial rate reached 99.9% after tested.

SMP Water Filter

By combining silver micron anti-bacterial technology with the materials from making the water filter, it developed an unique anti-bacterial water filter. This water filter do not need to add UV light, no need to change the filter element, and no chemicals added. The design of this filter is to resist new flu, virus, bacteria, etc.

SMP Coating Materials

We have cooperated with our partner in combining silver micron anti-bacterial technology with spray coating for many years. The anti-bacterial spray coating is able to spray on different brick walls and eliminates the need to clean/sterilize the wall. It can protect the family from getting infectious diseases.

SMP Earphone Case




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This PE film ​is combining with silver micron anti-bacterial technology. It can be used to cover the button in the elevator, kitchen table or any surface need to be anti-bacterial. By using this PE film, you do not need to undertake sterilization. It eliminates your chance of getting hand-foot-and-mouth disease and staphylococcus aureus. 

SMP Adhesive Dressings

The silver micron anti-bacterial technology is accredited by the Hong Kong Medical Association. The adhesive dressings is anti-bacterial which is very useful for patients to repair wound after surgery. This unprecedented adhesive dressing can replace the traditional bandage and gauze.

SMP Condom




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If you are interested in our technology or cooperation, what can you do?

  1. Silverloy’s physical ag technology invention department can cooperate with your company in processing (Original Equipment Manufacturer). We provide our service from production to packaging. If you are interested, please contact us.

  2. If your company have already equipped with production facility, you can also purchase silver micron particle semi-finished product from us, such as SMP PE film, SMP Decoration Materials/ SMP Clothing Materials. You can design and produce your own anti-bacterial products.

  3. Besides, you can also purchase silver micron raw materials and develop your technological products. We provide comprehensive technical support and very welcome to join our team. Silverloy hopes to exploit this technology in helping more people.


Silverloy SMP invention department

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Our Partners

Element Impact Limited


Address​:Room B6, 22/F TML Tower ,3 Hoi Shing Rd, Tsuen Wan,N.T Hong Kong

Phone:(852) 2962 9933

Gainlink(HHH)Supply Chain Co,Limited.


Address​:RmD2, 2/F Lucky Horse Ind, Bldg.,64 Tong Mi Road, Mong Kok,KLN, Hong Kong

Phone:2668 0005

Optimal Galaxy Development Limited

Contacts:Miss Ngan (Amy)

Address​:2009 Landpark north, 39 Lung Sum Avenue, Sheung Shui,NT, Hong Kong

Phone:(852) 9076 2600


OWST POWER (SF) LIMITED established in 1997, the company specialised in technology development and construction service for over 20 years. They have accomplished many design and construction projects with different institutions. In 2020, OWST POWER (SF) LIMITED cooperated with AG Peace Caring Company Limited and developed the SMP antibacterial golden film. We believe the partnership will continue and hoping to build a safe and germ-free 3D space. 


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