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國際警察協會澳門分會緻舒華樂感謝信International Police Association Macau Division Sent Thankyou Letter to Silverloy

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

2015年12月15日,舒華樂有限公司創始人錢遠強夫婦很榮幸地受國際警察協會澳門分會會長李雄波先生邀請,到澳門洽談合作。洽談會議上,錢遠強先生詳細爲李雄波會長及協會高層領導講解舒華樂抗菌鞋墊的抗菌原理,抗菌作用及效果等方面的健康科普知識,重點介紹了舒華樂物理銀微子In 15thDecember 2015, Dr. Chin and his wife are invited by the International Police Association Macau Division to go Macau for business cooperation. During the meeting, Dr Chin explained the anti-bacterial technology to Lee Hung Ball association president and other association senior staffs.

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