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[社會公益]Silverloy舒華樂有限公司捐贈老人尿片活動[Community Charity] Silverloy Company Limited Donated Adult Diapers in

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

In 17thOctober 2015, Silverloy’s CEO Dr. Chin visited the largest elderly center in Asia. There are more than 6,000 elderly. We donated Silverloy anti-bacterial adult diapers & insert pad, mask, bandage and insole to the elderly. Meanwhile, we are very eager to connect and make donation for other elderly caring centers.

2015年10月17日舒華樂公司的董事長錢遠強先生拜訪全亞洲最大的老人院:壽星老人院,一共有6,000多名老人居住,舒華樂公司贈送銀微子抗菌尿褲及尿片給該院的老人使用,還有抗菌口罩、創口貼及鞋墊。 其他的老人院,舒華樂也在接觸,積極将抗菌産品推介給有需要的老人使用

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