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祝賀舒華樂榮獲日本實用新型專利Congratulation Silverloy Acquired Japan Certificate of Utility Model Registration

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

2016年4月13日,日本專利局(JPO)緻電祝賀舒華樂有限公司物理銀微子抑菌産品榮獲日本實用新型專利認證,并表示非常贊賞這項新科技抑菌技術,希望将這項技術運用對接更多日常生活産品,爲人類社會創造更安全更健康更舒适的生活環境,提高人類的生活質量。In 13thApril 2016, Silverloy acquired Japan Certificate of Utility Model Registration from the JPO and they admired Silverloy technology. JPO hopes this technology can be used in more daily products in order to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable life to the community.

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