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舒華樂最新產品、技術發佈會Silverloy Latest Product & Technology Conference

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

2017年2月3日,舒華樂有限公司於香港尖沙咀YMCA舉辦2017產品和最新抗菌技術發佈會,招代各界新聞人仕,由舒華樂創始人錢遠強博士講解最新抗菌技術路向、 舒華樂產品的特點和優勢,期間錢遠強先生更即場介紹已進入後期測試的未來抗菌產品。

In 2rd February 2017, Silverloy Company Limited hold 2017 Product and Latest Anti-bacterial technology conference in Tsim Sha Tsui YMCA. It invited the press to the conference, and Dr.Chin talks about the latest anti-bacterial technology direction, Silverloy product features & advantages and upcoming products.

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