Combo Set Included: Silverloy Hygienic Mask- Kids (10pcs)x2

10 pcs/box



Applied with Silverloy's physical ag antibacterial technology, the mask contains 3 layers of cloth; yet, the protection is still the same as the 4-layers mask. Silverloy's physical ag antibacterial non-woven cloth acts as a blocking layer which can prevent the bacteria from entering the body, while resisting bacteria breed on the mask.


This mask designed especially for 6-12 years old kids. Flexible & soft cotton ear loop allow them to wear comfortably. This new design combined the physical ag antibacterial layer & skin-friendly layer together which make the mask became more comfortable and breathable. The antibacterial layer provide a full protection for kids when they go to school.


3 Layers Design Features:


1st Layer : Anti-adhesive layer - waterproof & block droplets

2nd Layer : High efficiency filter with PM 2.5 standard to block dusts, germs & particles

3rd Layer : Combined physical ag antibacterial layer with skin friendly layer, it prevents bacteria from entering the body & also provide superb comfort for the kids


- Physical ag antibacterial layer can effectively block the bacteria from entering the body which reduce the chance of getting infection. Patented technology reached 99% bacteriostatic rate
- High efficiency filter with PM 2.5 
- Non-woven cloth: Good air permeability, comfortable and long lasting with soft material
- Special organ style design provide sufficient space for user to breathe and will not affect the volume when speaking

[Twin Pack] Physical Ag Antibacterial Hygienic Mask- Kids (10pcs)

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