The hygienic mask applied Silverloy's physical ag antibacterial technology, it contains 4 layers of cloth, covering the second layer is Silverloy physical ag antibacterial non-woven cloth, plus a blocking layer which can prevent the bacteria from entering the body, while resisting bacteria breed on the mask. The mask also come with a high efficiency filter with PM 2.5 able to block germs, dusts & particles.


UPGRADED VERSION】Passed the testing by SGS which BFE>99% PFE>99% and passed fluid resistance test 80mmhg. The mask also have the CE accreditation which is recognized by the Europe.

【Upgraded】Physical Ag Antibacterial Hygiene Mask

  • 合共20片/盒

    【升級版】不但有獨家銀微子抗菌技術 還通過SGS認證 BFE>99% PFE>99% 通過防濺血測試 80mmhg 及CE歐洲合格認證 讓你使用時更安心。


    175 x 90mm


    面層:防黏層 -有效防水和隔絕飛沫
    第2層:3S熔噴布 -符合PM2.5標準 隔絕粉塵微粒
    第3層:銀微子抗菌膜 -迅速殺滅微粒上的細菌源 防止細菌進出人體
    第4層:親水無紡布  -親膚表面舒適透氣 吸附熱氣保持乾爽

    -銀微子抗菌層,能有效減少病毒因呼吸而感染或傳播的機會;專利獲權威機構認可 抑菌率高達99%。
    -符合PM 2.5 標準;


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