MADE IN HONG KONG】The hygiene mask applied Silverloy's physical ag antibacterial technology. The mask is able to block dusts, germs & particles effectively and provide a comfortable feeling at the same time.


The mask contains 4 layers of cloth, covering the second layer is Silverloy's physical ag antibacterial non-woven cloth, plus a blocking layer which can prevent the bacteria from entering, while resisting bacteria breed on the mask.


The mask's design is very suitable to wear during summer and humid weather as the skin-friendly surface changed to light non-woven cloth which allow user to breathe easily.


【MADE IN HK】Physical Ag Antibacterial Hygiene Mask- HK Version (20pcs)

HK$80.00 Regular Price
HK$48.00Sale Price
  • 20pcs/box

    Packing: 192x106x77

    175 x 90mm


    1st Layer : Anti-adhesive layer- Waterproof & block droplets

    2nd Layer : SMMS melt-blown fabric- block dusts, germs & particles

    3nd Layer : Physical ag antibacterial layer- eliminate bacteria source and prevent them from entering the body

    4th Layer : Light non-woven cloth- Light and soft with good air permeability and breathable


    Physical ag antibacterial layer can effectively block the bacteria from entering the body which reduce the chance of getting infection. Patented technology reached 99% bacteriostatic rate.

  • Remarks: The products are currently available in Hong Kong district only. If you wish to purchase outside Hong Kong, please contact our agent or send an email to us. Thank you very much.

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