As elderly subcutaneous fat layer became thinner which reduce immune system fuctionality, the chance of getting infected will be higher. With rougher skin and lower resistance to bacteria, the elderly will get skin disease easily and the skin become itchy and scratch at all time. Therefore, Silverloy patented physical Ag antibacterial layer is able to solve the problem as the layer can prevent bacteria breeding thus the skin disease. The patented design can prevent water from flowing backwards.

Silverloy Adult Diapers- Size L (10pcs)

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  • Silverloy Adult Diaper Size L

    Waistline:90-160 cm
    Packing:10pcs 230x242x180



    - Physical Ag antibacterial layer can prevent bacterial infection, reduce odor generated from faeces and heal the infected skin quickly

    - Highly flexible band can adjust easily
    - Breathable leak proof edge
    - Comfortable cotton surface
    - Increase absorbability with honeycomb like surface layer
    - Non-nano
    - No allergenic or chemical

    - Individual insert pad design is highly recommend for frequent user and environmentalist, it allows user to lower the cost and save energy to get change frequently

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