Maskolor x Silverloy's Physical Ag Antibacterial Technology


The patented Silver Micron embedded fiber is blended with natural materials to form an inner layer, attaining strong moisture absorption and perspiration, leaving you coolness and freshness. Along with the water repellent and anti-bacterial outer layer, Maskolor is able to maintain 99.9% anti-bacterial efficacy even after 30 machine washings. The built-in microfiber layer can filter more than 95% (PFE>95%) 0.1mm particles. While the V-shaped cut and exquisite workmanship added up to a superb comfortable wearing experience beyond ordinary masks.


- Tested by Intertek laboratory for 30 times machine washing & still maintain PFE 99.9%

- Tested by Nelson Lab PFE>95%

- BFE & VFE is still under testing, report will be announce soon


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Maskolor Ultimate Antibacterial Hygiene Mask Crossover w/Physical Ag Antibacterial Technology

  • The ultimate protection with patented technology:


    1st Layer : AG+200 Spandex Fabric Outer Layer- water repellent, safe & durable anti-bacterial german technology


    2nd Layer : Built-in Microfiber Filter Layer- machine washable, high efficiency filteration


    3rd Layer : AG+200 Modal Blended Anti-bacterial Yarn Inner Layer - Silverloy's patented silver micron embedded fiber, efficient & continuous anti-bacterial efficacy, strong moisture absorption & perspiration


    Built-in 3D Sponge Nose Pad- anti slip


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