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Silverloy Sanitary Pads Introduction
Application of Silverloy's patented physical ag antibacterial layer into the sanitary pad, can effectively restrain the breeding of bacteria on the sanitary pad. The pad itself is breathable, with strong water absorption layer and soft bottom surface, it cares for women's health, reduce inflammation and provide thoughtful protection for women. 


  • Stay dry and comfort - High permeability layer and breathable pad

  • Prevent leakage - Applied Japan strong water absorption material prevent leakage

  • No bacteria and reduce odor - The physical ag antibacterial layer can resist bacteria breeding and lessen peculiar smell

  • Skin-friendly surface - The material used is very soft and hydrophobic

  • The sanitary pad is anti fluorescent agent and no chemical being used

  • The sanitary pad's sticker can hold tight on your underwear