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Silverloy Physical Ag Antibacterial Mask【Made in HK】

Product Description​

【MADE IN HONG KONG】Physical Ag Antibacterial Mask- HK Version (20pcs/box) applied Silverloy's physical ag antibacterial technology. The mask is able to block dust, germs & particles & provide superb comfort for the user.

The mask contains 4-layers of cloth, covering the 2nd layer is Silverloy's physical ag antibacterial non-woven cloth, plus a blocking layer which can prevent the bacteria from entering, while resisting bacteria breed on the mask, lower the possibility of getting cross-infection.

Especially designed for hot & humid weather like Hong Kong, the skin-friendly surface changed to light non-woven cloth which allow user to breathe easily.

Features & Function :

  • 1st layer:Anti-adhesive layer- Waterproof & block droplets

  • 2nd layer:SMMS melt-blown fabric- Block dusts, germs & particles (PFE 97%)

  • 3rd layer:Physical ag anti-bacterial layer- Eliminate bacteria source and prevent them from entering the body

  • 4th layer:Light non-woven cloth- Light and soft material with good air permeability and breathable

  • Physical ag antibacterial layer can effectively block the bacteria from entering the body which reduce the chance of getting infection. Patented technology reached 99% bacteriostatic rate.


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